No hype, no empty phrases — just free quality content and affiliate commissions…

Welcome to SyndicatedPartners! You likely came here looking for quality content to publish on your website or in your ezine. Or looking for ways to make more from your affiliate promos. Or both.

So let me get straight to the point: Our (free!) service is perfect for you if…

  • You have a website, blog or ezine, and you’re looking for high-quality content to fill some of your publication slots…
  • You have an audience who appreciates quality content, and you love to keep them happy…
  • You’re an affiliate, and you’re tired of sending the same old hypey promo emails to your list that everybody else sends…
  • You’d love to make money by publishing informative, entertaining content

Does that sound just like you? Then SyndicatedPartners offers exactly what you need:

High-quality content …

… which you can publish for free on your website or in your ezine …

… and include your affiliate link.

It works like this…

I partner with selected vendors and content creators who offer quality products and run a great affiliate program. And above everything else, they appreciate the fact that their affiliates and their customers are real people.

Instead of sending hypey emails about their latest launch to every affiliate who doesn’t hide fast enough, those vendors love to provide quality: quality products, quality affiliate programs, and quality content.

On SyndicatedPartners, they offer you a range of content to choose from. You publish this content (for free!) on your website, blog, or in your ezine or mailing list.

And the icing on the cake: You add your affiliate link to the articles when you publish them. Your audience will love the content. And for every sale which is generated through your affiliate link, you will get a commission on top.

What’s in it for you…

By publishing content from SyndicatedPartners, you …

  • … get frequent, free, quality content for your visitors and subscribers.
  • … get access to great affiliate programs and offers. Simply include your own affiliate link at the places we point out, and publish an article.
  • … save time, and will be able to update your sites more often. That’s great for your visitors, but also for your search engine rankings.
  • … get new, fresh content with relevant keywords on your site.
  • … have a fail-safe for “those days”. We all know them… The days when you really should get some content out, but you have just too many other things on your plate.
  • … have more! More content for your blog’s visitors to comment on. That helps to improve your visitor loyalty.
  • … more variety: different opinions and perspectives, which may appeal to wider parts of your audience.
  • … and more topics. That can bring in more visitors from organic searches and
    trackbacks from other blogs or sites.
  • … uh, and did we mention you’ll get frequent, free, quality content?

What’s in it for your audience…

Great articles. Entertaining. Informative. Sometimes funny. Always a pleasure to read.

Just the type of content which makes people come back for more.

And referrals to products which offer more of the same: The same content, the same writing style, the same quality information.

Think your audience will love you for the links to the products as much as for the articles themselves?

What’s in it for our vendors…

Sales and referrals, of course. But also access to a wider audience. Basically they are reaching out to people which they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach — and they present themselves in their best light, with the best content they have.

And let’s not forget the valuable new business relationships with affiliates. (Yes, that would be you!) Who knows where that relationship might lead to in the future?

What’s in it for me…

Let’s be completely upfront: Yes, I love to pay my bills, too. :-)

So I set up the system such that there is something in it for me as well: For each sale through your affiliate link, I get a broker commission from the vendor.

(You can read the fineprint in detail in the Material Connection Disclosure.)

That means I really want to select affiliate programs that you love to join, offer content that you like to publish, and choose vendors and products that your audience loves. In short: It’s in my own interest to make SyndicatePartners a great place for everybody involved.


Are you ready to roll?

Great, then let’s get started!

With SyndicatedPartners, that’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Pick an article.
  2. Follow the instructions on the article page to grab your affiliate link, and enter it into the article.
  3. Publish the article with your affiliate link.
  4. Sign up to be notified about new articles.

(Yeah, I realized those were 4 steps and not 3… But you wouldn’t want to miss the notifications about new articles, now, would you? ;-) )

Finally, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, I love to hear from you! Simply get in touch via my contact page.

Looking forward to working with you,


SyndicatedPartners, Founder

PS: About Step 4… I really want you to succeed with your affiliate marketing. In particular, with your Syndicated Affiliate Marketing!

So if you join the Syndicated Partners Insiders today, I’ll do my best to help you move forward: With tips, tricks, insider infos and pointers to essential resources.

And of course, as an Insider, you get an advance notice whenever new content is available for you to publish!

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